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About Us.



Maria Ross is an interior design company. Since 2008 we are an interior expert and designer family. Since 2019 the main company activity is to supply hotels and public spaces with curtain design, curtains, other textile sewing and window forming in project location.

Our passion.

Is the creation of beautiful, creative, and positive emotion filled rooms and public spaces. We share with it and we offer the worlds best fabric, wallpaper, lamp manufacturers to your home and public space.

We tackle questions such as, how to create an environment and space where body and mind meet the comfort level? How to combine comfort with practicality and individuality?


Wallpapers, curtains, lamps, furniture, décor elements, rugs and room diffusers - all small details are important in creating quality, beautiful and interesting everyday life.

We are with you, and we love our work.

Get to know us, trust our experience, decorate your environment, and fulfil your dreams.


With Love,

Maria Ross Team

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